Sunday, October 29, 2006

Falling behind!

I haven't been able to start any hockey knitting yet because I'm knitting like an idiot on some socks for my FIL's hunting trip. The pair I made him turned out to be regular sock-length, and won't peek out from the tops of his boots. I must have a switch inside me that won't knit knee socks or something.

Anyway, just asking a bunch of other knitters: The abbrevation for Tampa Bay Lightning (Hi, Marc Denis! We miss you on the Blue Jackets!) is TBL. Anyone else read Through the Back Loop every single time they see that? Also, Mikko and Saku Koivu - does anyone else hear "Koigu" instead? These two things catch my attention every time.

My poor Blue Jackets are having a rough start again this year, but this time there's no excuse. At least now, in Canada, I have the option to watch all these other teams do well. Last year there were no other games on the air.


barbp said...

I never thought of those before, but now that you mention it I won't forget.

Not An Artist said...

Yes, but then again every time they say "Perezhogin" I hear "Paris Hilton" so I may not be the best judge :)

barbp said...

Note to Not An Artist - "My Eyes, My Eyes!!!" ROTFLMAO