Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I'm so glad I found this knit-along. I started this intro last night, but then my husband told me there was some hockey on, so I grabbed my socks and headed upstairs.

My name is Kristen, and my regular knitting + life blog is here. It's mostly knitting and cats, but sometimes other things happen, so that's where I talk about those, too. I like to take pictures of my knitting and cats. In August, I moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Technically, we're in a suburb of Cornwall, but it's the nearest town with a grocery store and there's no Wikipedia entry for Long Sault. Oh, and Chad Kilger from the Leafs is from Cornwall. His dad's running for mayor right now.

Moving from southern Ohio to eastern Ontario was a hockey culture shock. I went from
Cincinnati: Oh, you mean the Cyclones and Mighty Ducks aren't playing anymore? Wait, they weren't NHL anyway? Who are these Columbus Blue Jackets you keep talking about? Why can't you like a real sport, like basketball or football or NASCAR?
Canada: Hockey, hockey arena, Senators, Habs, hockey hockey, three local arenas, hockey, Tim Hortons, hockey, street hockey, Beer League hockey, Don Cherry's Hockey Bar, hockey hockey HOCKEH.
On Thanksgiving, three of the houses on our street had goalie nets set up in their garages and the kids were all outside shooting balls at it. This is kind of like heaven for me.

So my hockey background is kind of nonexistent. I grew up in Cincinnati, and there have been hockey teams here and there, but it's not a sport that really gets fostered as well as soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. If you're paying for cable, you might be lucky enough to catch the Blue Jackets on FSN Ohio, but until playoffs start, you get nothing from the regular networks. Late last December is when I did find the Blue Jackets on FSN Ohio, so I immediately TiVo'd the rest of the games. It was right when Nash came back, but before Foote and Malhotra returned. In other words, we missed the embarrassing part of that last season. Now that (pretty much) all our players are healthy (Federov is almost there, and I don't count Berard anymore), I'm rooting for the Jackets.

My knitting background goes back 7 years. I taught myself from a book (this one) and have used the internet to continue my quest to be the best knitter I can. I'm currently obsessed with making socks, and I try to incorporate something new into every pair I make - a new pair of needles, a new stitch, a new pattern, a new heel, a new yarn, anything. The current pair is for my father-in-law, and I'm doing a 4x1 rib on the leg just to break up all the stockinette. Plus, he wouldn't try them on for me (!) so I want to make sure the leg isn't baggy. Since I'm knitting 4, then purling 1, I learned the Norwegian Purl method for making the purl stitches. Hooray, it works!

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all and be among knitters and hockey lovers. The best response I got from my family here when I announced that there was a Hockey Knitter's Knitalong blog was, "Well, that's nice."



Dipsy D. said...

Welcome, hon - good to see you here! Hm... we Europeans always think it's not only Canada that lives and breathes hockey, but also the USA - obviously that's not really the case! So it seems you're right in paradise now with living in Canada - ain't it great being surrounded by people who actually know what a puck and a stick is?
Where I grew up, in a village in the Alps-pampa, it took me, like, 20 years to realize that hockey is a sports indeed, there were only soccer nuts around ;( Coming to Innsbruck was my hockey birth, but it's still not Canada - for ex, a "normal" soccer game in the stadium will be seen by 20.000, a hockey game by 4.000 people. Shame! Gotta change that!
Anyhoo, great you're here too, yay for that!

barbp said...

Welcome, welcome. Ahhhhh the land of Tim Horton's. Excellent hockey player - tragic death though - and excellent coffee. Every time we go to Canada to visit my in-laws we have to stock up on our coffee supply.

Wonderful to have you here!!!

twig said...

Welcome to the insanity that is the Hockey Knitalong. *laugh*

How'd you end up in Canada? We keep thinking about moving, especially because they show Eastenders on BBC Canada, but then I'd lose my As The World Turns and Guiding Light.

Not An Artist said...

Ha ha twig, I think they show those soaps *everywhere*, you can definitely watch them here ;)

Kristen, welcome to the Hockey KAL and to the land of Hockey too!

BUBUKITI said...

Hi Kristen.

Welcome, and Happy Knitting. EHH