Saturday, June 16, 2007

This was fun

This was a fun year with the Knit-Along. I wasn't sure if we'd get any members other than me, Jonesy, Barb and Dipsy. I was pleasantly surprised to see more and more folks signing up as the season went along.

See ya in October!


Zarzuela said...

This was fun! Thanks for organizing it Twig!! And while I'm a serious bum and I don't think I got a single thing finished for a charity (bad knitter) I do hope we do it again next season. Thanks again!


Dani said...

I know Im WAY late tot he party, but I prefer to look at it as VERY ready for next season (in more ways than one, I'm an Islander fan! Seems I'm ALWAYS looking forward to NEXT season *sigh*)

Anyway, I am looking forward to having fellow knitters to talk hockey AND knitting with *S*

Happy off season all!

barbp said...

So much fun Twig! I love the summer but part of me can't wait for October. Thanks for organizing this and letting us play!!

Have a great off season and


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Am I excited about this!!

Between thr pro's and my boyfriends league, I watch way too much hockey to not be doing this!!