Wednesday, November 29, 2006

First post here

Hi all. I've only gotten to watch my NJ Devils a few times, but I can get the Thrashers and Predators locally, so I watch them when they are on. I'm getting ready to move next month and am trying to finish up some Christmas knitting, so no charity knitting for me at the moment. But I did knit a cute pair of toddler socks and I put the recipe up on my blog. It isn't really a pattern, and assumes that you already know how to knit socks, but feel free to use it if you want to. Here's a picture.
Happy knitting!

The Gloves are Off!

Okay -- Friday is the last Sabres-Rangers match up. So far, it's my boys 3, Twig's -- the big goose egg.

How about this? If my team goes down the proverbial "terlet", I'll knit something for Twig's charity of choice. And if the Sabres do what they always do (hee hee), I'll expect a hat for my Veteran's Xmas Project from the Twigster.

Last chance ... or are we chicken?????


Monday, November 27, 2006

Kings vs. Devils

Hey Carissa -- any bets? Rationally my money would go on the Devils, although the Kings had a very good showing Saturday night against Calgary. Big date night for me and BF maybe that was the reason they won. So since I'll be at the game, no knitting. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

We're not playing the Sabres tonight

I *thought* that tonight the Rangers would be playing the Buffalo Sabres. We're not. We're playing the Buffalo Bumblebees.

Just sayin'

No charity knitting and little good Wild news

So little good hockey news for the Wild. They've hit a bit of a slump and so have I, as far as charity knitting has gone. I've spent far more time watching youth hockey lately. (DS had a hockey tourney this weekend and has another one next weekend - whew!) And as a result, I have made tremendous progress on Christmas knitting, which is a priority this time of year anyway.

I thought I'd share what I have been working on for Christmas. Eight pair of slippers knitted and fulled, three that are embellished so far.

I miss watching the Wild and am hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. Go WILD!

Poor Shelby

I scared the hell out of Shelby last night. We were sitting comfortably on the couch watching the Rangers v. Penguins and I was knitting knitting knitting on the neverending sweater. After having yelled at the TV a couple times (mostly about the goal that wasn't), I figured she was getting into the groove of things.

I was wrong.

With 2.2 seconds left in overtime, the Rangers scored and I let out a scream of joy. I've never seen Shelby move so fast. She had her fat little body (that had been snoring a second before) up and off the couch and across the room before I knew what was happening. Poor thing. (I hate overtime, though had it gone to a shoot out, I'm confident we would have won -- just not so sure about a win in overtime)

Tonight the Sabres visit the Garden. I've been trying to find someone who will pipe anestisine gas (but we're still trying to find out where Capt. Sisko gets his) into the Sabres locker room. I'll let you know if I'm successful.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

So much hockey and not enough time to keep up. Penn State Icers travelled to the University of Rhode Island two weekends ago for a two game series. This was a rematch of last years ACHA championship game where the Icers lost to URI in the last couple of minutes. The new coach for the team is an alumni of the Providence College Friars which is an NCAA team and he arranged for the team to have some practice time at their facility on the trip down. The Icers which is a D1 ACHA team got to see how the other half lives. Nice.

I wanted to make the trip so husband came with me rather than going on the team bus. Great news, the Icers swept the series and if rumor is correct, gave URI their first two losses in the arena they've been in for the last four years. The new rankings won't be out for another week - it will be interesting to see what happens.

NHL news - yep Jonesy's team beat the Leafs the other night to go 1-1 with the Leafs for the season. Sigh. My Avalanche finally won a game the other night after going down 3 straight games. Right now their leading Vancouver 2-0 at the end of the 2nd. We're making a quick day trip down to Baltimore tomorrow so it's up early for me in the am I probably won't watch the 3rd.

Oh, knitting news? None. Spent the weekend painting. Hope you all had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


I've been waiting so long for this. I cast on a project that's not for me or my family. Yay! Here's a picture of the swatch for a doggie sweater I'm making this week. It may not count as charity, but it's a surprise gift and I plan to use the rest of the yarn for either more dog sweaters or a pet blanket for the local vet.

I could not, could not, could not get the blue anywhere near the actual shade. It's more of an electric royal blue, and if you look at it for too long in fluorescent light, it messes with your eyes. And that's okay, because the sweater is going to this guy:
Check out those eyelashes! Don't they look fake? This is Buddy, and he's a schnauzer puppy (23 weeks). He belongs to a friend of the family I'm living with, and his owner recently lost her other dog. He got his first haircut last week (she doesn't like the regular schnauzer beard look, so he's just got a puppy cut right now), and it was mentioned in passing that the Canadian mornings are getting chillier for the morning walks, so while his owner was otherwise distracted, I took Buddy's measurements. I'm sneaky like that.

Oh, and another thing that happened today?
My Columbus Blue Jackets beat the Wild. Oh, that felt good. :)

The Agony of Defeat

.... one lousy second. One!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Shut out! Woohoo!

Things are finally starting to gel with the Rangers. They shut out the Hurricanes last night, 4-0. Sunday was almost a shut out against Tampa Bay (4-1).

I'm cautiously optimistic that things are turning around for the bigger picture. In the smaller picture, I'm ecstatic that we shut out the defending Stanley Cup winner.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wacky Hat -- Wacky Sabres

Woo Hoo! LOTS of goals last night against Tampa. We love lots of goals. No hat-tricks though :(

Except this one! It's for the Open Door Mission for the Homeless in Rochester -- a kids cap that I made up as I went along. Cool and goofy at the same time.

So, Wednesday we'll attempt to rake the Leafs again, Friday les Habs, and Sunday --- Twig's Rangers!

How 'bout this Twig, whoever loses will knit something for the other's charity?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Monday

Yes fans, today I'm happy!! I took DD and her BF to the Kings/Coyotes game Saturday afternoon, they did it, they WON!!! Crazy thing for the Kings this season. Still gotta love them.
DD and I weren't feeling well Thursday so we couldn't go to the game but I did watch it on TV. Losing it in the 3rd!!! To the worst team in the league. (Sorry Philly fans) Crap. Kings, you need some muscle and a goalie, Hello!!! Can't wait to see them get whipped by San Jose!! Or at least a good fight once in a while. Where is Kip Brennan when you need him? Or George Parros Oh yeah, he's with the Ducks. Ahem...

My knitting while watching is not really charity knitting, but it's for a good person. My BFs mom has not been well for the past month and now needs a walker/wheel chair. She's been moved to Northern Nevada and she was afraid her feet would get cold. I offered to knit socks for her. The look on her face was wonderful. So I quickly ordered yarn for 2 pairs and started a pair of Fast Florida Footies using Cascade Fixation. Forgot to take pix.

Have a wonderful week and

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wasting Perfectly Good Coffee

Shortly before the game started tonight, I was fighting sleep. I'm seldom ever that close to falling asleep before 2 am. But it was 7:00 pm and I was struggling to stay awake. So I made coffee so I could knit and watch the game.

I shoulda slept. *laugh* Those silly penguins won. *sigh* I was knitting on a sweater (non-charity knitting -- perhaps that jinxed the Rangers) and I was knitting quickly on a caffeine high. I even was fast in correcting the 3 miscrossed cables I did during my speed knitting.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Rangers are playing better than they started out the season, but it's still up and down as far as winning. Case in point, they won against the New Jersey Devils last night after getting 3 goals in 90 seconds. Yes, you read that right. Three goals in 90 seconds.

Tonight, though, they lost against Carolina.

But I did get another hat done for charity. So I guess today wasn't a complete loss.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More nail biting

Here it is -- blanket in progress. I must say, I prefer the baby hats -- I feel more of a sense of completion, so I may go back to that for November.

IF I can survive more nail-biting Sabres games, that is. Good-bye Hurricanes! We blew you away, but not until losing a 3 goal lead. Arghhh

And what's with the officiating? Anyone who watched clearly saw our goalie get pounced on, but no penalty shot. I guess the refs forgot to bring their seeing eye dogs to the game.

Jonesy (who may need Valium)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Wild weekend FO picture

Here is my first FO and WIP from this weekend's games on the road. Won one, lost one this weekend. We're struggling without Gaborik (get well, soon, Gabby!) on offense. But it was a great game to watch last night. Hats off to the Ducks. They played well. Off to Phoenix next!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sweating out another shoot out!

Wow - these shoot outs are making me so nervous. Although I can understand the leagues desire to make the games a little more exciting, this is really a little too much. But way to go Wild! Another one in the win column. Now onto the Anaheim Ducks tonight. Can my nerves take it?

OT Again!

I don't know how much more of this I can take!

The boys are wreaking havoc with my fingernails (bitten to the quick) and my blood pressure. Thank goodness I'm knitting a log cabin garter stitch baby blanket (Project Linus) and nothing complicated during the games.

*sigh* I have a few days to recover.

ps Twig -- Our teams are back-to-back in December. Another little wager????

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Au revoir les Habitants ;)

Sorry Michelle but it had to be said *g* I don't know how it looked on tv, but listening to the radio broadcast Montreal didn't seem to have very much fire against the Leafs tonight, though their backup goalie stepped up admirably.

Toronto's definitely proving they can win without Sundin :)

Watching Wild vs. Kings?

Say, Kelly, are you watching the game tonight? I'm getting a "double header" tonight, with a MN Gopher game, then the Wild/Kings game. I'll try to stay awake for the whole thing but it will be a stretch.

I've nearly finished my first bear. It just needs stuffing and a little seaming. I've started a second. Pictures to follow tomorrow, hopefully with a little gloating because the Wild are hot, hot, hot! With a 10-4-0 record, we're hard to beat. Go Wild!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Tonight's Game

OK -- there are no Florida Panthers fans listed on the blog, and my team plays them tonight.

All together now -- Let's Go Buff-a-lo!

The 'Tooth thanks you.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a start

Well, so much for bragging about the Wild. I tried to stay awake for the game but only made it half way. Which was probably a blessing, since the Wild lost 1-3.

The West Coast games are just too late for me, since I get up most mornings by 5 am at the latest but I'm impressed by how fast the bear is knitting up. Half a game = half a bear, more or less. It's pretty mindless, so I can watch the game when it's intense, like the entire second period last night, when the Wild couldn't seem to stay out of the penalty box. The Sharks have the best power play in the league right now, so every power play was a nail-biter.

Hang in there, boys. We'll take the next one!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Finished Hockey Object

I actually finished this a few weeks ago but only just got around to sharing it... it is for the Red Scarf Project.

(click for details about the pattern & yarns)

I have to admit though that I have not been great with my charity knitting while watching hockey... a few last minute gifts came up on top of a busy work schedule. But as soon as I finish a bit of homework I will be casting on for a new Dulaan hat.

Go Habs Go!!


Did I say something about "Rockin' the ice again"? Yeah, right on! HCI's playing away in Linz right now and is 1:9 behind now - after 45 minutes. 1:9 - I mean, they get slaughtered there it seems? Gonna go knitting now, can't watch this tragedy... ;(

A new Wild fan joins

Hi - I'm Lorraine and I'm a Minnesota Wild fan. I resisted for awhile after a friend sent me the link to this KAL but the combination of hockey and knitting was too much temptation for this weak woman. I'll be trying to squeeze in some knitting for the Mother Bear Project during Wild games but as a homeschooling/hockey/dance mom, I run pretty crazy most days. We'll see how many bears I get done this season.

The Wild are off to a fantastic start but I'll try not to brag - too much.

Still alive!

I'm sorry I didn't show up here for so long - I wouldn't have been able to do a post without whining and complaining and howling, and I really didn't want anyone to go through that!

Our HCI's management took it so far lately that things got out of control, I think they were pretty close to quit everything and call it a day. Their last stunt was that they wanted to take our superstar Todd Elik from us - he's the guy who did, what, 600 NHL games, he's 40 now and still scores and assists like mad, and you just don't get such players over here in the Austrian league. He's a genius and the best player in the league, but he's also a diva, he got kicked out of all his teams so far - and last week HCI suspended him due due to "inappropriate behaviour". The management's mistake was that they didn't tell publicly why this happened - we all knew what was going on, but we would have needed an official statement, which we didn't get.

And so the last home-game (which was broadcast at TV) was one heck of a boycott, the fanclub refused to do anything - no clapping, no cheering, no drums, no songs, the whole stadium was deadly silent, and most people came along wearing black T-Shirts with a big "12" on them - Elik's number. Yeah, I *love* revolutions, LOL - "hasta la victoria siempre" ;)

The team - who were the main reason why Elik was suspended - wanted to show how well they can play without him... well, buuuhuuh! They stumbled along the ice like drowned frogs and got a 6:1 kick-in-the-butt - with an absolutely inferior and intolerable play. Powerplay without Elik? No way! Special teams without Elik? No way! No good passes, no good moves, no nothing - and all this in deep silence. Hah - I loved that, I really did.

And what did we get? Elik's back ;) No longer suspended, off to rock our ice again - and now no one shouldn't say anything about "Fans can't move a thing" anymore ;)

I watched a lot of NHL-games lately via Yahoo and Google Video and loved what I saw - yay for Vanek!!! But, for heaven's sake, the only way to get him for next year's Austrian World Cup team (and we desperately need him!) would be the Sabres not getting into the Play-Offs - not that I'd hope that ;( How in all the world can they do the World Cup while the NHL's still playing? This is beyond me, absolutely!

Have fun, ladies!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Chez Accident Perspective

Sabres brought rakes and the Leafs brought GAME, baby. No offense meant to my two favorite Sabres fans. The Av's beat the Canucks and MFB and I didn't see either of the games as our Fridays and Saturdays find us with his ACHA team the Penn State Icers.

The Icers are currently ranked 3rd and they defeated both 13th ranked West Virginia 6-0 and unranked Drexell 11-0. This weekend gave our Sophmore goalie his 2nd & 3rd shutouts of the season. The games got a little boring as one sided games do, but the scores weren't too surprising considering the rankings. Of course if a team gets lazy the game can turn on them in a heartbeat.

My charity knitting update is this Herringbone Rib scarf I finished and donated to the Icers Booster Club as an item to be included in the auction we held Saturday night to benefit the team. We raised quite a bit to help with the teams travel, equipment and tutoring budget. Here's a close up of the stitch pattern.

Back to watching the Leafs take on the Flyers - Darcy Tucker in the penalty box in the first two minutes of play - gee what a surprise, NOT. Tomorrow night Kelly's Kings visit Denver to face an AVALANCHE. Go Av's Go. Good luck Kelly.


Play hard??? Do something please???? I do love ya LA Kings. Frogging was what I did Sat night while I was watching the Kings get trounced by Phoenix. Fitting huh? Rip, rip, rip.....hate it when stitches twist? don't ask me how!!!! Happy Monday.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


I thought all was lost, but then the come-back kids pulled through. 4-3 in overtime. Let's Go Buf-fa-lo!!!

Oh Twig?????? Who was going down? Hmmmm? (Even though your coach does have better hair than mine - hee hee

Forget the rake, bring the crying towel ;)

Sorry Jonesy, but it had to be said :D 4-1!! Now if they can play like that consistently for the rest of the season it'll be a very good year :)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Whoo F*&*&*&*&g Hoooo!

Never go to bed early. Rule #1 when watching the Sabres. Third period, I was depressed. 4-1 Bruins. Arghhh. Then, 4-2. Then, Marvelous Max (Afinigenov -- it took me weeks to learn to pronounce his name when he first joined the team) scores, and it's 4-3. Minutes to go. Tied!! Shoot out!!!! Miller makes amazing saves --- we score, and win.

What a ride. And ... what a hat! I have to confess I didn't make all of it during the game -- the bottom part was salvaged from a scarf I started last year and hated, but didn't want to frog. Then I got the idea to sew the ends together, pick up along the top, and voila! Hat for charity.

Tomorrow night, Bflo v. Leafs. I hear the team is bringing rakes instead of hockey sticks!

(psssst. Twig. Sunday is getting closer!)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Roller Coaster Riding

Last night the Rangers won. YAY! This is a problem for me. They've been very consistent so far. Win one. Lose one. Win one. Lose one. etc.

I always wear my NYR jersey when I watch the games but I wonder should I not? Would that upset the routine so they'd win more? Or, would that upset the routine so they'd win less? Ah... the pain of being superstitious about wearing a jersey. Should I wear it or should I not?

I don't really care for the routine as it is. I like the Win one part, but not so crazy about the Lose one part. But the really good news is that if it continues, we'll lose tonight against San Jose but we'll win the next game we play after that.

Which, um... let's see...when is that? Could it be? Yes, it's Sunday. And the NYRs will be playing the Sabres. AND THE RANGERS WILL WIN!

A loss tonight I can deal with. I won't change my jersey wearing habits so that the routine will stay the same. And you, my dear Jonesy, are going DOWN!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy hockey fans

The Av's win again tonight they were up against Kristen's Blue Jackets. Former Avalanche Adam Foote kept the Av's from scoring a goal when he skated behind his goalie and kept the rebound from spinning into the net. GRRRRR. Adam is still one of the best players out there. I was pretty nervous during this game but the Avalanche held off the Blue Jackets playing short handed thanks in part to a very obvious dive by one of the Av's. The Jackets pulled their goalie in the last THREE minutes of the game so they were playing 6 on 3. The Av's held them off and won 5-3. Some beautiful passing in the first period from Hejduk to Stastny to Wolski for the first goal. In the third period Brad Richardson wristed a shot that reminded me a little of Joe Sakic's wrister. Sorry Kristen but late in the 2nd period and the third your team really poured it on.

MFB was listening to his Maple Leafs on XM as he was travelling up to visit his family in Canada. The Leafs downed the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-2.


Hey, hi all you hockey knitters. Just joined and am thrilled that there are more than a few hockey fans who knit. BF keeps trying to tell me there's no knitting while watching hockey. I admit it's difficult, but can be done. Well, I'm representing the Los Angeles Kings. Hoping tonight will make it 2 wins in a row!!

On the knitting, I do hats for a charity my sister is affiliated with and premie hats/booties for the hospital. Better get crackin on both fronts. By the way my name is Kelly. Have a great day. Go Kings!!! Play Hard!!!