Friday, November 03, 2006

Whoo F*&*&*&*&g Hoooo!

Never go to bed early. Rule #1 when watching the Sabres. Third period, I was depressed. 4-1 Bruins. Arghhh. Then, 4-2. Then, Marvelous Max (Afinigenov -- it took me weeks to learn to pronounce his name when he first joined the team) scores, and it's 4-3. Minutes to go. Tied!! Shoot out!!!! Miller makes amazing saves --- we score, and win.

What a ride. And ... what a hat! I have to confess I didn't make all of it during the game -- the bottom part was salvaged from a scarf I started last year and hated, but didn't want to frog. Then I got the idea to sew the ends together, pick up along the top, and voila! Hat for charity.

Tomorrow night, Bflo v. Leafs. I hear the team is bringing rakes instead of hockey sticks!

(psssst. Twig. Sunday is getting closer!)


twig said...

Yeah I heard about the Sabres game last night. I couldn't believe the comeback.

barbp said...

Jonesy that hat is too cute and what a great idea you had. It is definitely unique, original and stunning.

I'm either going to tell MFB about your comment about the rakes or I'm going to borrow it!!! ROTFLMAO

Zarzuela said...

Great hat!

*Bring out yer rakes!!* ;)