Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Monday

Yes fans, today I'm happy!! I took DD and her BF to the Kings/Coyotes game Saturday afternoon, they did it, they WON!!! Crazy thing for the Kings this season. Still gotta love them.
DD and I weren't feeling well Thursday so we couldn't go to the game but I did watch it on TV. Losing it in the 3rd!!! To the worst team in the league. (Sorry Philly fans) Crap. Kings, you need some muscle and a goalie, Hello!!! Can't wait to see them get whipped by San Jose!! Or at least a good fight once in a while. Where is Kip Brennan when you need him? Or George Parros Oh yeah, he's with the Ducks. Ahem...

My knitting while watching is not really charity knitting, but it's for a good person. My BFs mom has not been well for the past month and now needs a walker/wheel chair. She's been moved to Northern Nevada and she was afraid her feet would get cold. I offered to knit socks for her. The look on her face was wonderful. So I quickly ordered yarn for 2 pairs and started a pair of Fast Florida Footies using Cascade Fixation. Forgot to take pix.

Have a wonderful week and

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