Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More nail biting

Here it is -- blanket in progress. I must say, I prefer the baby hats -- I feel more of a sense of completion, so I may go back to that for November.

IF I can survive more nail-biting Sabres games, that is. Good-bye Hurricanes! We blew you away, but not until losing a 3 goal lead. Arghhh

And what's with the officiating? Anyone who watched clearly saw our goalie get pounced on, but no penalty shot. I guess the refs forgot to bring their seeing eye dogs to the game.

Jonesy (who may need Valium)


twig said...

Pretty. I love the colors.

Lorraine said...

Hmmm, hockey on Valium ... interesting idea. The new rules have me stressed out, too. I can't get a handle on what the refs are calling at all. Lovely blanket, BTW!