Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What Fabulous Fans!

The Evil Gary Bettman (evil since 1999 - the year of "no goal") fined our beloved coach $10,000 for telling the players to go out and show the Ottawa Senators that we won't put up with bad hits. I'm sure Lindy can afford it, but lo and behold, Buffalo fines have told him to put away his checkbook -- they're fundraising and will pay the fine for him! What a town.

And as far as the hit and the resulting brawl -- why wasn't Ottawa fined? Why wasn't the player who made the hit suspended? Is it open season on players after they pass the puck? I mean, we're turning into a Hansen-Brothers League!

venting venting ....

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A historic hockey game and number 8

Today was a great day for Islander hockey fans everywhere. Today 2 things happend. Well actually three, but I'm not really going to count going to Long Island to see this all happen.

Today was the Islander's vs Canadien's in Nassau Coliseum, so we took the drive to New York for a 1pm game, and got to see a little history in the making.

It was a great game, the Isle's won 3-2 and Frans Nielsen scored his 1st NHL goal, a little earlier in the game he got his 1st NHL point with an assist from yet another Soundtiger (Jeff Tambellini) WOOHOO!!!

Ok Frans is the 1st born and raised Dane to play in the NHL so that in itself is some big news, but then to actually be at the game when he scores his 1st goal, that's just cool. I love historic hockey games. (God know's I've been to enough of them)

But that wasn't the only thing that happned today, with the win of Montreal, the Isle's overtake them in the standings putting them in the 8th seed which is a good thing, that means we have officially made it into playoff contention, I know it probably won't stay that way for long, but hey, its a start. If they keep chipping away they might actually make it up to 5th or 6th, and that would be just cool. Hey a girl can dream can't she

Friday, February 23, 2007

Best Game Ever!!!

What a game! What fights! BOTH goalies skating to center ice and dropping the gloves! 4 Sabres in the box. Game misconducts! And Lindy --- I thought he was going to go over the glass and nail Ottawa's coach for sure.

God I love hockey!

ps We won, too -- but that was just a bonus. And the same teams play on Saturday night. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bye Bye Play Offs!

Le sigh.
Tonight the nightmare happened that we possibly knew would happen, from the beginning of the season. Tonight HCI played at home against the Vienna Capitals, and it was a "direct game", meaning we desperately needed to win to get into the Play Offs. And oh, I was so sure we'd win, my bet was 8:2 - thanks God I don't bet for money... Yeah, right on - they lost 4:6. Even worse - all through the game, though they fought like mad, it was so very obvious that they just aren't good enough for the POs, they don't have the strength, the power, the depth of the team - nothing, they just don't deserve to get into the POs. And now they won't - they'd have to win the next, like, 5 or 6 games, and that's a thing that just won't happen.
We got the 2 best players of the league, one more who's absolutely fantastic (3 Canadians, what else...) - but the rest of the team is just crap, friggin' crap. And as if this wouldn't be enough, our goalie is a §$&%!§%&§) loser.
I'm frustrated and hope this season will be over very, very soon ;(

Sunday, February 18, 2007


The Rangers lost Saturday against the Flyers. It was a scary game. Lundqvist (the goalie) was hurt (not seriously) and taken out (The regular back up goalie, Kevin Weekes is out on Injured Reserve. So Valiquette was called up from Hartford. From what I saw of him, he's a cutie, too. *laugh*). Malik was injured and probably won't play for a few games. Ward was injured (he hurt his hand in a fight) but he'll probably be back for Sunday's game.

The scary part was Brendan Shanahan. He collided with the Flyers' Knuble -- both players were down for the count. Well sort of. Knuble was ok enough to leave the ice of his own accord (I have no update on his condition). Shanahan, though, was knocked out. It was probably only for a minute but it seemed like hours. They took him off the ice in a neck brace and body board on a stretcher. As they were taking him out, he was talking to Ramsey, the trainer and we'd seen him move his legs so we were hopeful that the injury wasn't debilitating. We got an update just as the game was over that he was alert, moving and talking at the hospital. I hadn't realized how attached I'd become to him.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chicago fan, checking in!

Hellooooo Knitting Hockey Fans!

I tried joining before and with the Blogger transitioning and such i was unable to get in. Well, no more! I'm so glad that i kept you all linked in my sidebar and popped over from time to time. Whew!

I'm Suz, originally from the Chicagoland area, which would make me a Blackhawks fan( i know, don't say it!). We can all see and agree that the Chicago Blackhawks needed some representation. I'm also a fan of the Chicago Wolves of the AHL...and at least one of these Chicago teams has a bit of a successful history. We won't discuss the losing ways of the other so much, now...will we? ;)

Being transplanted to Maryland, i very rarely have a chance to catch any Chicago Hockey on TV, so i mostly keep up with newsletters, email reports and phone calls with Dad. To cure my hockey craving, i've been known to watch some Capital games and even some Penguins, Flyers...oh, ok, fine...any hockey will do, ok?!!

I've been a hockey fan as long as i can remember. I think i might have been around five when i saw my first live game at the old "Barn" in Chicago. The Chicago Stadium is long gone, but those memories are still alive. Dad and i spent many times in front of the 9" black & white TV in the bedroom watching games, when the OR-gan-EYE-zation, used to actually televise games and not be such a bunch of tightwads...but i digress.

On the needles i've currently got two different pairs of "Socks For Soldiers" and some personal knitting...a lace shawl and am about to cast on for a vest.

Anyway, Hello again. Happy Knitting and Game On!


Friday, February 09, 2007

Hockey Housekeeping

Any other hockey fans do this? On game night, instead of trying to get everything done before the game starts I do housework in spurts during commercial breaks.

Dishes to go in the dishwasher? No problem! I run down the stairs and pop a few in the dishwasher. Laundry? Run down the stairs to pop it in the washer or dryer. Bathrooms? I am living proof that you can clean the sink, toilet or mirror during a commercial break! Not all of them, but even one is pretty good. Wipe down the light switches and telephones? A breeze during commercials! Put together treat bags for the spawn's classmates? Heck I can do that during the game!

Vacuuming, cleaning the tub and making some food must wait for intermission but I'm amazed at how much I can get done during the games now.

My husband thinks this is hilarious but it breaks up the drudgery since the work is done a little bit at a time. Hey at least it gets done!


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Go Av's!

Hi everyone, I'm new to this blog and I'm so happy that I could sign in this morning! It must be due to the switch that it finally worked! Even better news, the Av's won in OT last night! Woo hoo! There were some very LOUD moments in my house last night! Not to mention I get so anxious in a close game, I managed to knit 2 washcloths (for a gift) during the game last night. Keeping my hands busy keeps me from yelling at the TV too much and waking up my 3 1/2 year old! Well, that's all for now. Off to take my little guy to his skating class! :)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole

OMG....Sakic to Stastny, Stastny to Sakic, Sakic Scores. In Overtime.

I think Twig probably just heard my yelling. Sorry Twig.

Avalanche into overtime

Le Sigh. I am currently watching said Avalanche team trying to come from behind in the 3rd (after they were leading mind you)against Florida.

MFB's Leafs won their game tonight so y'know he's just going to laugh if my team loses. Again. At Home.

Our Penn State Icers had a rematch against URI (I try not to say Rhode Island) at home this weekend. And won both games. Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole. This is the tame that we lost the National Championship to last year. We're 4 for 4 this year against them.

Must go - the Av's just tied up the game and are going into overtime on a power play.

I feel better now

Last night I watched my Rangers blow a 3-1 lead against the Red Wings to end up losing 4-3. That was annoying but...

What made me feel better was to look at the teams playing tonight and what their wins and losses are.

I am very happy with the Colorado Avalanche because they mean that the Rangers aren't alone in playing only so-so. They have a 25-23 record. The Rangers have played one more game than they and have a 25-24 record. (Sorry Barb!)

The Rangers are playing again tonight, but this time against New Jersey. They, like the Red Wings, have a much better record than the Rangers, so I'm not super hopeful, but at least I'll have time to knit without nail biting excitement.

How is your team doing?


When I tried to log in I found that next time I do, I will have to switch over the blog. I can't put it off any longer. I'll switch it over either tonight or tomorrow.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

moving the blog

I've been reading about this ...

We've had two requests to join in the past week and they can't join because of the Blogger issues. Apparently, it's ok to post to the blogs on the old Blogger if you're already a member, but it seems you can't join an old Blogger blog anymore. If I switch over the blog, folks with Blogger blogs on the old server will not be able to access the new blog unless they (A) switch over their blogs/accounts OR (B) they create a new account just for this blog and they can keep their old Blogger account for their own blog.

If option B is chosen I will need to re-invite you to the KAL.

Give me some feedback please. I know several of you use Blogger -- I feel better knowing that our switching over won't adversely affect your current blog, but would people be willing to be re-invited after creating a new account?

This is the link to the information about the switch. (We're a team blog, of course)