Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chicago fan, checking in!

Hellooooo Knitting Hockey Fans!

I tried joining before and with the Blogger transitioning and such i was unable to get in. Well, no more! I'm so glad that i kept you all linked in my sidebar and popped over from time to time. Whew!

I'm Suz, originally from the Chicagoland area, which would make me a Blackhawks fan( i know, don't say it!). We can all see and agree that the Chicago Blackhawks needed some representation. I'm also a fan of the Chicago Wolves of the AHL...and at least one of these Chicago teams has a bit of a successful history. We won't discuss the losing ways of the other so much, now...will we? ;)

Being transplanted to Maryland, i very rarely have a chance to catch any Chicago Hockey on TV, so i mostly keep up with newsletters, email reports and phone calls with Dad. To cure my hockey craving, i've been known to watch some Capital games and even some Penguins, Flyers...oh, ok, fine...any hockey will do, ok?!!

I've been a hockey fan as long as i can remember. I think i might have been around five when i saw my first live game at the old "Barn" in Chicago. The Chicago Stadium is long gone, but those memories are still alive. Dad and i spent many times in front of the 9" black & white TV in the bedroom watching games, when the OR-gan-EYE-zation, used to actually televise games and not be such a bunch of tightwads...but i digress.

On the needles i've currently got two different pairs of "Socks For Soldiers" and some personal knitting...a lace shawl and am about to cast on for a vest.

Anyway, Hello again. Happy Knitting and Game On!


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twig said...

Living in Maryland is no excuse for not watching Blackhawk hockey. NHL Center Ice. Nuff said. *laugh*

Welcome aboard. Glad you were patient.