Sunday, February 18, 2007


The Rangers lost Saturday against the Flyers. It was a scary game. Lundqvist (the goalie) was hurt (not seriously) and taken out (The regular back up goalie, Kevin Weekes is out on Injured Reserve. So Valiquette was called up from Hartford. From what I saw of him, he's a cutie, too. *laugh*). Malik was injured and probably won't play for a few games. Ward was injured (he hurt his hand in a fight) but he'll probably be back for Sunday's game.

The scary part was Brendan Shanahan. He collided with the Flyers' Knuble -- both players were down for the count. Well sort of. Knuble was ok enough to leave the ice of his own accord (I have no update on his condition). Shanahan, though, was knocked out. It was probably only for a minute but it seemed like hours. They took him off the ice in a neck brace and body board on a stretcher. As they were taking him out, he was talking to Ramsey, the trainer and we'd seen him move his legs so we were hopeful that the injury wasn't debilitating. We got an update just as the game was over that he was alert, moving and talking at the hospital. I hadn't realized how attached I'd become to him.


KnittingJones said...

Twig -- I actually was watching the game when the Shanahan injury happened. (The MSG channel here broadcasts the Rangers games when they're not played at the same time as the Sabres). Scared the crap outta me. And what a weird thing -- both players with their eyes on the puck -- then wham.

Hope your boy ends up okay and it's just a concussion.

twig said...

Actually, it doesn't even appear to be as serious as a concussion. According to the Rangers' website all tests came back negative. But he doesn't appear to remember the actual contact.

MSG is the channel that is mostly shown on Center Ice for the Rangers. I miss JD.

OH! And if MSG's Greatest Moments is replayed (the one with the Cup win, can I bribe you into taping it for me?) I hate that we can't get that channel normally. I think if we lived 7 miles south of here (in Connecticut) we could. I'd at least be able to enter their little contests on the web site.

GaiaGal said...

I love Shanahan.

Wow! Sounds like a real doozie of a game. Hope he's ok!


barbp said...

I saw that collision, can't even call it a hit since neither one tried. Two BIG boys both with their heads down and BAM! That is one of those things no one likes to see. Sounds like they're going to be all right.

Still waiting to see if our two teams are going to make the playoffs. Now, no hockey for a week while I'm in AZ - this could be withdrawals.

BUBUKITI said...

All I can say is be good to Vali, I love the boy. He used to be an Islander (actually he played in Bridgeport for 2 seasons)