Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bye Bye Play Offs!

Le sigh.
Tonight the nightmare happened that we possibly knew would happen, from the beginning of the season. Tonight HCI played at home against the Vienna Capitals, and it was a "direct game", meaning we desperately needed to win to get into the Play Offs. And oh, I was so sure we'd win, my bet was 8:2 - thanks God I don't bet for money... Yeah, right on - they lost 4:6. Even worse - all through the game, though they fought like mad, it was so very obvious that they just aren't good enough for the POs, they don't have the strength, the power, the depth of the team - nothing, they just don't deserve to get into the POs. And now they won't - they'd have to win the next, like, 5 or 6 games, and that's a thing that just won't happen.
We got the 2 best players of the league, one more who's absolutely fantastic (3 Canadians, what else...) - but the rest of the team is just crap, friggin' crap. And as if this wouldn't be enough, our goalie is a §$&%!§%&§) loser.
I'm frustrated and hope this season will be over very, very soon ;(


twig said...

"Le sigh" makes me laugh all the time -- you and Barb are strange.

As for no play-offs, I think I'll be sitting with you on the "we didn't make it" bench.

Dipsy said...

LOL ;) I think I've read this "Le sigh" so often now - by Barb of course - that it's gotten part of my daily language - and the good thing is that no one here in Austria understands what I mean with it ;)

Oh gosh, the Rangers won't make it either? What a shame - and how sad! I'm even more frustrated now as I'd planned to cheer them on (the NHL-PO-games will all be broadcasted here) - now it won't be cheering for the Rangers either? No cheering for Jagr? Duh ;)