Sunday, February 25, 2007

A historic hockey game and number 8

Today was a great day for Islander hockey fans everywhere. Today 2 things happend. Well actually three, but I'm not really going to count going to Long Island to see this all happen.

Today was the Islander's vs Canadien's in Nassau Coliseum, so we took the drive to New York for a 1pm game, and got to see a little history in the making.

It was a great game, the Isle's won 3-2 and Frans Nielsen scored his 1st NHL goal, a little earlier in the game he got his 1st NHL point with an assist from yet another Soundtiger (Jeff Tambellini) WOOHOO!!!

Ok Frans is the 1st born and raised Dane to play in the NHL so that in itself is some big news, but then to actually be at the game when he scores his 1st goal, that's just cool. I love historic hockey games. (God know's I've been to enough of them)

But that wasn't the only thing that happned today, with the win of Montreal, the Isle's overtake them in the standings putting them in the 8th seed which is a good thing, that means we have officially made it into playoff contention, I know it probably won't stay that way for long, but hey, its a start. If they keep chipping away they might actually make it up to 5th or 6th, and that would be just cool. Hey a girl can dream can't she

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KnittingJones said...

Ted Nolan is an awesome coach -- if you'll take such a comment from a Sabres fan!

I'm happy he's back in the league; and it would be fun to see our two teams meet in April.