Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Still alive!

I'm sorry I didn't show up here for so long - I wouldn't have been able to do a post without whining and complaining and howling, and I really didn't want anyone to go through that!

Our HCI's management took it so far lately that things got out of control, I think they were pretty close to quit everything and call it a day. Their last stunt was that they wanted to take our superstar Todd Elik from us - he's the guy who did, what, 600 NHL games, he's 40 now and still scores and assists like mad, and you just don't get such players over here in the Austrian league. He's a genius and the best player in the league, but he's also a diva, he got kicked out of all his teams so far - and last week HCI suspended him due due to "inappropriate behaviour". The management's mistake was that they didn't tell publicly why this happened - we all knew what was going on, but we would have needed an official statement, which we didn't get.

And so the last home-game (which was broadcast at TV) was one heck of a boycott, the fanclub refused to do anything - no clapping, no cheering, no drums, no songs, the whole stadium was deadly silent, and most people came along wearing black T-Shirts with a big "12" on them - Elik's number. Yeah, I *love* revolutions, LOL - "hasta la victoria siempre" ;)

The team - who were the main reason why Elik was suspended - wanted to show how well they can play without him... well, buuuhuuh! They stumbled along the ice like drowned frogs and got a 6:1 kick-in-the-butt - with an absolutely inferior and intolerable play. Powerplay without Elik? No way! Special teams without Elik? No way! No good passes, no good moves, no nothing - and all this in deep silence. Hah - I loved that, I really did.

And what did we get? Elik's back ;) No longer suspended, off to rock our ice again - and now no one shouldn't say anything about "Fans can't move a thing" anymore ;)

I watched a lot of NHL-games lately via Yahoo and Google Video and loved what I saw - yay for Vanek!!! But, for heaven's sake, the only way to get him for next year's Austrian World Cup team (and we desperately need him!) would be the Sabres not getting into the Play-Offs - not that I'd hope that ;( How in all the world can they do the World Cup while the NHL's still playing? This is beyond me, absolutely!

Have fun, ladies!

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barbp said...

Oh man, hockey politics really bite don't they. Power to the Fans.