Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Gloves are Off!

Okay -- Friday is the last Sabres-Rangers match up. So far, it's my boys 3, Twig's -- the big goose egg.

How about this? If my team goes down the proverbial "terlet", I'll knit something for Twig's charity of choice. And if the Sabres do what they always do (hee hee), I'll expect a hat for my Veteran's Xmas Project from the Twigster.

Last chance ... or are we chicken?????



twig said...

Oh man! Can't they play Sunday instead? We have a show Friday night and Saturday during the day.

You're on. But I'm bringing my husband's cell phone and you're going to call every time someone scores since I won't be home. *laugh*

KnittingJones said...

Geez, I'll use up ALL my minutes!

Zarzuela said...

LOL! You guys are a hoot!

Go Jonesy go! ;)