Sunday, November 26, 2006

Poor Shelby

I scared the hell out of Shelby last night. We were sitting comfortably on the couch watching the Rangers v. Penguins and I was knitting knitting knitting on the neverending sweater. After having yelled at the TV a couple times (mostly about the goal that wasn't), I figured she was getting into the groove of things.

I was wrong.

With 2.2 seconds left in overtime, the Rangers scored and I let out a scream of joy. I've never seen Shelby move so fast. She had her fat little body (that had been snoring a second before) up and off the couch and across the room before I knew what was happening. Poor thing. (I hate overtime, though had it gone to a shoot out, I'm confident we would have won -- just not so sure about a win in overtime)

Tonight the Sabres visit the Garden. I've been trying to find someone who will pipe anestisine gas (but we're still trying to find out where Capt. Sisko gets his) into the Sabres locker room. I'll let you know if I'm successful.

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