Friday, September 21, 2007

Go Habs Go!

Hi, I'm Robyn, and I am very excited for the new season for the Habs. My family shares Season Tickets, and I'm going to 1 game per month for the entire season with my husband. (My sister usually invites me to her games too - since her boyfriend isn't much of a hockey fan - so that means more games for me!) I am NEVER without a sock project at the games. I just got my new jersey, and I'm super excited for the new season to start!

ps - I just opened Robyn's Nest - an online yarn shop! (CAD$)


KnittingJones said...

I'm envious! Buffalo's tickets are hard to get this year. Thank heaven for big screen tvs!

JoanK said...

Nice jersey - is it in support of Breast ca? Checked out your store - congratulations and hope you "see" me soon as a customer (from Winnipeg)