Thursday, October 04, 2007

Accosted at last night's Avs' game

It's interesting to me how knitting in public can make a person distinctive in a crowd. At a pre-season game last week, one of the ushers from last season remembered me and said he wanted to put in his order for an XL sweater before the season started. Thought that was cute.

But last night, at the Avs' season opener, a very drunk Stars fan was walking up the stairs of my section during a period break, stopped at my row, and yelled, "Are you KNITTING?!"

I thought he was going to give me a lecture about how there's no knitting at hockey games or something...needless to say I was surprised when he proceeded to hit on me; "are you here with anybody?" he says...oh, brother.

I told him I was attending with my husband, drunk Dallas guy said my husband was a lucky man, and then he stumbled up the stairs.

*sigh* Not only have I missed the sport, but I've missed the strange fans, too.


judy said...

That is too funny!

twig said...

*laugh* Oh my!

Sheila said...

Now that is an unusual pick up line!

graymama said...

teehee :-)