Thursday, April 10, 2008

Frozen Four this Weekend!

Well, DU didn't make it. Oh well. The contenders this year are: Michigan, Boston College, North Dakota, and Notre Dame. I'm rooting for Notre Dame as this is the first time playing the Frozen Four. The other 3 have been there numerous times. Denver is cold and wet for the occasion. :) Should warm up Fri, Sat, Sun. (Better!)

On the NHL forefront, the Avs won against the Wild (yippee!). Now if they can just keep it up...


judy said...

Did you go? The rain and snow weren't really that bad and the weather really cleared up by Saturday morning. Sigh....BC won again.

Jakki said...

Yay! AVS!!!

I was able to see most of the AVS/Wild games. Hopefully ALL the next round will be televised in my area. Got a lot of knitting (and frogging) done during round one. :-)