Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Let me tell you why I hate the Islander's Organization.

Tell me if you think this makes any sense to makes no sense to me.

Why would you start a goalie in a game that starts at 11:00am in Hartford, when you just sent him back to the AHL from the NHL after playing last night on Long Island?

Ok so he didn't start the game on the Island last night, but he played the 3rd period....ok almost the 3rd period. But it was a 730pm game, it was over around 10pm. So what that he either didn't get home to CT from Long Island until close to 1am, then had to be on the bus to Hartford at 7am this morning.

Now tell me would you be upset that he let in 6 goals......NO!!! You really can't fault him for that. He was tired, and not ready to play. If they were goning to call someone up from the ECHL to be a back up, why didn't they just start our backup?

They wanted to put Dubie in because he normally plays better against Hartford.....obviously today this was not the case. I feel bad for him, and there really wasn't anything that he could do. He looked tired, he looked awful. And now he has to live with that terrible lose.

They are fighting for a playoff spot, and this wasn't going to help them losing this game today, because now they have dropped out of position......yet again.

11 games left in the season, and we need to win most of them and Albany to lose most of theirs. Let's go TIGER'S!!!!



twig said...

My Wolfpack won?

That really doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But it makes less sense to me is having a game at 11 am on a weekday.

BUBUKITI said...

Yes, the wolfpack won the game....and that was just sad (well for me anyway)