Friday, March 02, 2007

Points, glorious points

Firstly, hi. I am new to the blog- one of the people who couldn't join till after the Blogger switch. It is good to finally be 'here'.

Obviously it is too soon to consider a streak, though we desperately need one to stay in the running for the playoffs, but it was nice to see the Avs win so decisively last night. For me, it was a perfect Avs-style game- Budaj in net, Sakic making an unselfish pass instead of scoring his record-breaking point himself, and poor Lappy getting a point in spite of the denial against the empty net.

Now if only they can find a way not to implode against Detroit...

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twig said...

I know the feeling of having a team implode. That's about all the Rangers have been doing lately. They keep blowing 2+ goal leads. GRRRRR.