Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NHL on Austrian TV!

YIKES!!! Starting tomorrow night, Austrian TV will broadcast ALL remaining NHL-PO-games - LIVE! Hallelujah! No more pressing my nose to the PC-screen trying to get these bad-quality-videos on Google or wherever! These will be some long nights - it's 1 am here when the games start - but man, who needs sleep when there's NHL on TV?

Added to that the Hockey World Championship in Russia begins on - Friday I think, so there'll be some heavy, very heavy game-watching in the next weeks! I'm back in hockey heaven!
Just sayin' ;)))


KnittingJones said...

Yeah! Now you can root for Vanek and Buffalo!

(psst. Don't listen to Twig!)

twig said...

Don't listen to Jonesy. It's Pock and the Rangers!

I'm really glad you'll be able to see them.