Wednesday, April 18, 2007

please forgive me

for going off topic but in times of sorrow, sometimes it is necessary.

my family is organizing a knit project for the families of the Blacksburg victims. i invite you to join us in this effort.


JoanK said...

Hi Jacqui - what are you thinking of making? Comfort ghans or ... yarn, size, etc. I would be mailing from Canada, so please let me know - Joan

Jacqui said...

i am thinking perhaps small blankets, machine washable so they don't accidentally ruin if cry on and wash. the idea is to provide something to hold onto that is both a comfort and a reminder that the loss and sorrow need not be faced alone.

i think the key isn't that things be exactly a certain way but to simply show up with love for a stranger. it is funny how things like that have been such miracles in my own life during tragic times.

i have a somewhat more fleshed out take on things here and am very open to suggestions.