Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Television Rant

Once again, the play-offs are being broadcast on a different station. That means two things -- I'll be paying an extra $10 a month to get them, and, more importantly, I won't be able to hear the team announcers. And that sucks.

Team rivalries aside, I love Rick Jeanneret and anyone who's every heard him yell "Top Shelf where Mama hides the cookies!" after we score, would agree with me. I can turn on the radio, but there'll be a few second delay.

Why oh why do the owners do this? I know, more money for them with the Versus and TSN contracts.

But it sucks for the fans.

That aside (y'all know I can't help myself) GO SABRES!


Zarzuela said...

At least you have a way to see them. I had to root for the Islanders so I was sure I'd be able to watch my team in the first round! Why oh why did I move to NJ?! Oh yeah... that less than 5 hour commute thing. ;)

GO SABRES!!!!! :)))))


BUBUKITI said...

Don't feel bad, I can't watch game 1 either, they aren't playing it on TV here, but VS has game 2 and 3. But I will get to see Game 4 of the Series.....without the use of the TV set. I can't wait.

Let's Go ISLANDER'S!!!!