Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Free Agency????

Is it me or have the Islander's turned into the red headed step child of the NHL right now.

Nobody wants to sign there, is it Chuckles, the crazy owner? The back up goalie, oopps I mean GM or is the toilet bowl that they have to play in when they get to Long Island.


Sorry just had to vent a little bit, maybe I can turn my frustration into some knitting.

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Dani said...

I SO feel that pain! Despite the fact we moved to NC last season, I was born and raised an Islander fan and am SO aggrevated! We ditched Yashin to "make room for Ryan Smyth's contract" and got nothing. (OK so I agree with Ditching Yashin anyway but still!) The Islanders offered Ryan Smyth more money than the Avalanche did, and that didn't help. The Islanders offered a few big players more money than they ultimately signed for elsewhere.

Not only did Smyth get away, so did Jason Blake, Tom Poti, Viktor Kozlov and Richard Zednik.

But hey, rest easy - we have a goalie locked up for a 100 years *sigh*