Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Go Pios!

I'm new to the blog. I actually watch more college hockey but if I had to pick a professional team to root for it would of course be the Colorado Avs!

The big question this year is...will the DU Pioneers make it to the Frozen Four which is held here in Denver at the Pepsi Center for the 2007-2008 year? I sure hope so! I really want to go! I've been to the Frozen Four in Boston, MA and Columbus, OH and had a blast. But, it would be even more fun in my own backyard. Haven't bought the tickets yet b/c I know if we do make it the seats will be a lot better than what I can get online through other means. Cheaper too.

As for the Avs? What can I say? They are awesome! :)


barbp said...

Ahhhh... the Pop Can...My kingdom for a westbound 747 so I could watch DU kick anyone's behind with you!

Another DU and Avalanche fan! Cool. We'll definitely have fun this winter.


Jakki said...

Hello from a former CO resident - but still an AVS & Pioneers fan!!