Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm soooooo excited I can hardly stand it

I sure hope we don't crash and burn. hehehe

The 2007-08 schedule is out. We're only playing Boston twice (in Boston) and once is in October -- that one is financially out of the question. But I *will* be in Boston on Jan 19.

Jonesy -- Jan 16, Feb 16, Feb 23, & Mar 10 PREPARE TO CRY!!!!

Our boys (except for Nylander and it bit him in the ass) are really working with management to keep us under the cap and keep our players. Shanny signed for 2.5 mill for one year. That's less than 1/2 of what he could get elsewhere. But they're going to make it up in bonuses that don't count against this year's cap. And King Henrik agreed to a 1 year contract for not so much money so he could stay in NY and so we'd stay under the cap and they'll negotiate a long term contract in January so it will go on next year's cap.

I'm really getting giddy about the team -- here's hoping the new guys gel with the guys we already had.

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BUBUKITI said...

I can't wait for an Islander's/Ranger's game this season, it's gonna prove to be interesting. Especially if they bring up any of the goon squad from Bridgeport or Hartford. It'll be a fight that a hockey game broke out at.