Monday, November 19, 2007

100 wins!

Nice job by DP earning his 100th NHL win tonight against the Rangers. Too bad about busting up that 5 game streak though ;-)

Not the best Isles/Ranger game I've ever seen but certainly not the worst. Lundqvist had some nice saves, there was some decent end to end for a bit, and I will admit to Avery doing his job... he had me pretty riled up. He seriously stepped right in to fill that yammering, in-your-face role - reminds me of Kasper in his prime in that respect.

Anyway, I'll take the 3-0 so far against the Rangers this season. There's a whole lot of hockey left (and 4 more games vs the Rangers). I'll enjoy this (and the 12 pts in the hummer metro ice challenge) while it lasts.


twig said...

All I gotta say is GRRRR!!!

Yeah, gotta say that Avery excels at yammering. I have NHL Center Ice since I don't live in Ranger land and there's no telling what TV broadcast we'll see. Alot of times it's MSG but last night it was FSN New York. It really makes me laugh when we have non-MSG broadcasters. They always talk about Avery. When we played Toronto (??? Whatever team Darcy Tucker is on) the guy on CBC nearly had a coronary while exclaiming how evil Avery is. heheh

twig said...

Forgot to ask. Is Rick DiPietro that new of a hockey player? Lundquist is just starting his 3rd NHL season and has 77 wins in regular season games. For some reason I thought RD has been around a lot longer.

Dani said...

I understand about the TV Viewing, believe me! I'm in Charlotte now, but well, we, um, kind of haven't informed our satellite provider that it wasn't just our billing address that changed so we still get our NY Locals. I'm in no hurry to correct their error either ;-)

The Avery thing really does remind me of having Darius on the bench... he just knows how to get under someones skin. I love seeing who takes the bait, except when it means a stupid penalty on us! Having anyone who has called any game in Tucker's career say ANYTHING about any other player is a joke - let's not get me started on Tucker and his ways. He kinda makes Domi's patented sucker punches look like pats on the back (just my $.02 of course)

As for Ricky - he technically started NHL level in 2000 - but went back to Bridgeport for just about 2 seasons IIRC. He played for the Isles 2002-3 season, & part of 2003-4. The lockout was 2004-5, and he's been up since.