Saturday, November 03, 2007

740 in 1500

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I just had the pleasure of watching Al Arbour win his 740th game as an NHL coach - it was also his 1500th NHL game. All I can say is WOW - what an emotional night! I can't even imagine BEING there - although having been thru my fair share Stanley Cup games in that very building, I can guestimate the intensity and noise levels. I may live 700 miles away now, but my heart will always be in Nassau County for hockey season ;-)

I'm a lifelong Islander fan, and there have certainly been highs and lows. Tonight was an absolute high - and I couldn't be happier for Mr. Arbour. (as an aside, I have met the man several times through the years. Despite his very ind and warm suggestions to just call him Al, the massive respect and admiration I have for this incredible coach will not allow me to call him anything BUT Mr, Arbour.

Now, off to see what I can find out about Ricky's eye injury... (fingers crossed for good news)

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