Thursday, January 04, 2007

Leafs win, again!

Holy cow, the Leafs just defeated the Bruins 10-2!! That included one hat trick and one in the making. The Bruins pulled their goaltender - too late and to no avail. It wasn't just the goalies fault. And of course what always happens when a team gets spanked that badly, things got a little chippy. A funny thing happened on the way to the win though, Belak got tossed from the game when he was in the penalty box and for some reason told the linesman something like "you think it's that easy, you try it" and handed the linesman his stick.

The Icers are still on holiday break. MFB and I were in South Bend at Notre Dame over New Years weekend where MFB did play by play for their hockey team - they won both their games over Northern Michigan. On the way home we listened to Penn State win their bowl game, and then listened to the Avalanche win their game (thank goodness for XM radio). We got home in time to watch the Leafs win their game. Then last night a good friend took us and some others to the Penn State basketball game for their Big Ten Conference opener against Northwestern and we actually won.

MFB is back with Notre Dame this weekend for a game Friday in Pittsburgh and then Sunday in South Bend for a two game series against Robert Morris. I have Yarn Crawl 2007 scheduled with some friends on Saturday because when it comes to stash size, I am a rank amateur.

With our travels I was able to get some knitting done but look what I found in my skein of Trekking. Yep, Knot very happy. Lucky I'm making a scarf with this, can you imagine that in your socks? KNOT. !!


twig said...

My gosh! That sounds like Rangers score!

KnittingJones said...

What a game! And getting tossed from the box -- that's classic! Gotta love those guys (except when they're playing the Sabres). Actually, sounds like he learned that from Ti Domi!

So what constitutes "amateur" stash status? Can't wait to hear the results of your Crawl.