Saturday, January 13, 2007

Off to see the Boys

Oh yeah! My good friend Anna has an extra ticket to tonight's game against the Lightening. Guess who's going to Buffalo!!!!

I'll try not to get arrested -- for having too much fun!

We lost to Toronto (did I hear rejoicing coming up from the Pennsylvania border, Barb?), but that was the second game in two nights, after a day of travel. So, I hope the boys will be on for tonight's game.

Dinner first at my favorite Buffalo restaurant -- Chef's -- for spaghetti parm, their specialty -- then on to the game.

No knitting at the game -- too hard to balance the beverage of choice (Labatt's), peanuts, nachos, etc., but I'm almost done with a chemo cap from watching the televised games. Full report tomorrow!


twig said...

Have fun! I'm going to be watching us lose to Boston today. *laugh*

barbp said...

You definitely did hear rejoicing. MFB was very happy. Of course the last couple of games the Leafs played burst that bubble for him.

We did see the highlights of the Sabres Friday night game to come from behind and then win in a shootout.

Someone make it stop! *wink*