Sunday, January 14, 2007

You Win Some ....

Well, the boys were off their game. Too many turnovers in the neutral zone, and I don't mean cherry or blueberry.

But our seats were incredible -- 7 rows from the ice, just to the right of the players' bench. I could even see that little vein that throbs in Lindy's temple (the coach) when he's angry, as well as the sweat pouring off Ryan Miller.

*sigh* It made me miss living in Buffalo for the first time since moving to the Finger Lakes. Now I'm thinking of buying a 10-pack of tickets next year when my sister moves back, and making the drive (2 hours each way) for the sake of the game. The game, yes. Not me and my obsession, but the game! That's it. The game needs us loyal fans!

So back to couch knitting -- my chemo cap is almost done; I'll post a photo next time.

PS The Labatt's wasn't half bad either!

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