Sunday, January 07, 2007

Too Much Hockey?

Is there such a thing?

Friday night was listening to MFB 's broadcast of Notre Dame's win over Robert Morris at the Mellon, while watching (without sound) my Avalanche defeat Tampa Bay 4-2. Then I found the Denver University Pioneers game on CSTV.

Last night was watching two hockey games (picture in picture). #1 MFB's Leafs aginst Jonesy's and Zarzeula's Bees. What is it with these guys? I mean they lost to the Penguinis (that sooo cracked me up - see Jonesys previous post) and yet the team from the city which is home to the NHL Hall of Fame couldn't pull out a win last night. They should have kept a couple of those goals they scored Thursday night. #2 Was my Avalanche besting Minnesota, sorry Carrie, in a shootout. I'm biased but my team looked pretty good last night. We have several weapons scoring this season, and Sakic still has the deadliest wrist shot.

What's on CSTV right now? Ferris State against Northern Michigan. I think it's an encore presentation. Later today, listening to MFB's broadcast of Notre Dame against Robert Morris from South Bend for their home and home weekend. Neither the Leafs or the Avalanche are skating today so I may get some knitting done.

WAIT - No. Hockey. Tonight? What will I do? What will become of me?

Good game Jonesy and Zarzuela - if this keeps up I'm going to put that on a recording. LOL


judy said...

College hockey fan? Wait until we hit Regionals. Last year, I holed up in the house and watched 20 hours of hockey over the weekend. I felt hungover for a day and a half and I didn't even touch a drop of alcohol! There's no such thing as too much hockey!

KnittingJones said...

I'm jealous! Next season, I'm asking for NHL Center Ice for my birthday. You'll never see me again.

In all fairness, your Toronto boys have had a lot of injuries. But it was an exciting game!

Lorraine said...

I don't know if you can have too much hockey. I have to flip back and forth between high school, Gophers and Wild games some nights. Makes the old head spin but what fun! That shoot out against the Avs - arrrgh!