Saturday, May 26, 2007

Calder Cup!

Now, I know you're all probably excited for the Stanley, but we have to remember Stanley's bastard younger sibling, Calder. As a new resident of Hershey, PA, it's hard not to.... because the HERSHEY BEARS (formerly the Hershey B'ars, no joke) are IN THE PLAYOFFS. Woohoo! That means live hockey in my backyard! (almost literally!)

For someone from the West Coast, the concept of semi-big name live hockey within a normal day's drive (or for me now, a fifteen minute drive, sans traffic!)is sort of exciting. There IS no AHL team in the Portland, OR area, (or in Seattle) and NHL wise, you'd be going to see the Canucks and driving through all of Washington State to get there.

But I'm not exciteably camping on the Giant Center website ofr them to open Bears playoff tickets...

Not at all. :-)


twig said...

That sounds exciting. Who are they playing?

jess said...

and hershey is the defending champs! goooo hershey! :)

we made it up to a calder cup final game in hershey last year -- it was a lot of fun!

to twig -- hershey is going to be playing the hamilton bulldogs in the calder cup finals.

Go Bears! *pulls out her maroon* :)

BUBUKITI said...

I was at the game on Saturday when Hershey Clinched the East Division Championship.

A group of friends and I drove up to Manchester since we were all having hockey withdrawl. Being Bridgeport Soundtiger fans, our season has been over for quite some time now. This was a good way to get a little bit of a fix.

It was a great game. And the best part I actually love the last game of a series, because the two teams line up and shake hands. I just think thats a nice thing.

KnittingJones said...

If only the Cup was made of chocolate!

dstempek said...

had no idea there was a hockey knitters knitalong, two of my favorite pastimes.

dstempek said...

I had no idea there was a hockey knitters knitalong blog, my two favorite pastimes, I just think hockey and knitting go together.