Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Seeing Eye Dogs

Yes, that's exactly what those boys in Toronto doing the video review need. It was a goal. It WAS a goal. Everyone in the bar (okay, maybe we'd all had a few beers, maybe) saw it. Come on, then we would have had overtime!

hating Jagr,


BUBUKITI said...

I have to agree with you on that one. It was a goal, but hey, it was the only one so far that has gone for Buffalo.

twig said...

Yeah, but the no goal on Sunday that forced the game to overtime was a goal too. There was no distinct kicking motion. That game should have never gone to overtime.

So I guess we're even now.

Zarzuela said...

Could someone please tell me where my team was for 50 min. last night? *sigh* Jonsey, get your butt back up here! The boys need you!!

And twig is right, we're even. In more ways than one. :-P


Sheila said...

No goal. Video replay confirms it was play back for Sunday's lost goal! Game tonight with wine and knitting. Can't get much better!