Sunday, May 20, 2007

Not This Year

*sigh* They played well, those Sabre boys. I can't complain, especially not about Ryan Miller who made some awesome saves.

Now, just have to make the calendar -- hmmm, 4 1/2 months till next season opens!


PS I'm still anti-Hasek, read anti-Detroit. Skate you Ducks, skate!


Not An Artist said...

I have to give credit to Ryan Miller for some truly amazing goaltending. Its a shame the rest of his team sort of fizzled for most of the games, with the exception of a few last-ditch 3rd-period flurries.

Zarzuela said...

*cries* I couldn't even make myself watch the game. I just had a bad feeling.

*sigh* I really thought this might be the year. It isn't easy being a Buffalo fan...


twig said...

There is no hope for you, Jonesy. First the Sabres, now you're anti-Detroit?

Ryan Miller needs to do something with his hair.