Saturday, May 19, 2007

The fat lady sang

She just stepped off the stage after singing a rousing aria called "Overtime", and she's carrying large bouquets of red, black and white flowers with a Senators logo on them ;) Sorry Buffalo fans *g*


Twig said...

Congrats, Drea.

I was pretty torn throughout that series. I hold grudges and the Sabres did beat my Rangers so I wanted Ottawa to win. But on the other hand, I wanted the Sabres to win for Jonesy and Jessica.

I really was expecting a much closer series than that.

Now, unless we have any Ducks fans, can we all root for Detroit?

Drea said...

Thanks, but the congratulations are misplaced *lol*

I was torn too, as I don't like either team, but Ottawa being the only Cdn team left... Well, patriotism won out - the Stanley Cup belongs in Canada dammit *G*

Jess said...

I have been cheering the sens on since they beat my pens. They have been playing amazing since the start. They deserve it!