Sunday, December 17, 2006

Did you see that?

Nine to Two? For the Leafs? Against the Rangers? Holy c&@% and we missed it as we were at a party. I don't want to see that it's tough being a Rangers fan or anything, but wow it's good to be a Leafs fan for a change.


twig said...

I did something I never do. I turned off the game at the beginning of the second period when it was only 6-1.

Jody and I were joking about how I was chicken so I checked the score online at the beginning of the 3rd and it was 8-1. I broke into giggles. That was too nuts of a score to take seriously. I think Jody was pretty amazed I wasn't throwing things. *laugh*

Man, when Lundqvist tanks, he REALLY tanks. I wondered why Renney didn't put Weekes in until the 3rd period, but I'm thinking he didn't because we were in such a big hole after the first, there was little chance to come back and if we were gonna lose for bad goal tending, then his GAA was getting affected too. *laugh*

Anyway, I'm just SOOOOOOOOO glad that was the Leafs and not the Bumblebees.

KnittingJones said...

Hey! We did a pretty good job losing to the Senators! It *stung*.