Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Not again!

Another Sabres game on the Versus network, which I don't get. Arghhh. I know there's only a few this year, but it really bugs me. So I'll be on the computer .... rooting against Carissa's Devils!

But I do have some good news: A field trip!!!! My sister (also a hockey fan) and I are leaving for Toronto tomorrow -- taking the train from Niagara Falls, staying 2 nights and 3 fun-filled days. First on the agenda -- why a visit to the HOCKEY HALL OF FAME!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you fellow bloggers are green with envy and so you should be! I'll be taking photos, and will post them. Of course, we will be all decked out in our Sabres regalia, and will be take on any Leafs fan that dares cross our paths! (note: sister and I are both about 5 feet tall, but wiry!)

We're also going to hit some yarn stores. I'm taking an empty backpack for just that purpose.

I'll update after I'm back; sooner if I'm in the penalty box and need bail money.


barbp said...

Where ya stayin? Where will ya be? All asked innocently of course. Bail money for penalty box? I still have lots of "ref" family in Toronto who would toss you in that "penalty box".

Twig - do you want to get in on this? Or are you still holding my feelings about bats against me? *wink*

twig said...

I'm sooooo in. For this I can put aside our differences about what constitutes a good bat. *laugh*

barbp said...

I thought ya could!! But wasn't it a sweet picture I painted for you at the end? Appetizing too I'll bet, eh?

Carissa said...

What a great trip! I hope you have a great time. I will be here watching the Devil's game! The games on Versus are some of the few that I get.

Dipsy D. said...

Photos! We need photos!!!! I'm going to bed now to hide under the blankets, so no one will see how terribly green my face can turn - with envy! *Sob* *SOB*!!!!