Monday, December 11, 2006

Nous sommes victorious!!!

Another shoot out, but boy was it a good game on Saturday. Les Habitants put up an amazing fight, skating fast and shooting hard. But the BISON ( not Bumblebee, Twig) was victorious.

And speaking of Ms. Twig, she sent the warmest hat as a result of our wager, along with a bonus hand-made Lavendar soap! Even my daughter told me I smelled good, with no prompting. (not that I generally smell bad, at least I don't think so!).

The Devils tomorrow. grrrrrrrrrrrr says Sabretooth.


barbp said...

Congrats there Jonesy just don't you and Zarzuela get to confident now ya hear.

Sooner or later eh? Of course not by my team *wink*

anonymous but wonderful poster said...


KnittingJones said...

Oh I know who you are!!! Hmmm, what do you call a small branch???