Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Holy Grail

It truly is the Holy Grail of Hockey.

So there we were, two Buffalo hockey 'hos, celebrating my sister's birthday, decked out in jerseys and antlers. Did anyone look at us strangely? Crap no! We were in Toronto, land of Caribou and Moose. Land of .... hockey!

So off we went, first thing Thursday morning, fueled on Tim Horton's coffee and donuts. (Trivia question: What is Tim Horton's real name? -- answer below)

The Hockey Hall of Fame is in an old Toronto Bank, which you enter through the basement. There’s exhibit after exhibit of player and team memorabilia, a chance to play virtual hockey – goalie and forward, a replica of a locker room, where you can try on the goalie leg pads
(damn are they heavy!),

and then … up two flights of stairs to a vaulted room with a stained glass dome,

past the Vezina trophy, the Calder Cup, the Lady Bing ..., to ...

The Cup!!!!


My sister and I did not touch it. We could have. We were, in fact, encouraged to. We didn’t even get our pictures taken with it. No sir, not us. No way are we going to be the two fans who jinx it for Buffalo this year. Nope. Told the guy we’d be back after Buffalo wins, and then would rub ourselves ALL over the Cup. Nekkid. (kidding)

Bottom line: It exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high to begin with. Lots of good exhibits, a movie about the history of the Cup, friendly staff, nice layout, reasonable price ($10).

And just to prove that knitting and hockey do co-exist, and have for a long time, here’s a shot of an old cardigan hand knit for some lucky member of the Canadiens in the ‘20s.

Bonus shot: For Twig, who I know must be crushed about last night’s game, here’s a close up of the Rangers on the Cup. Oh, and Twig -- one of the virtual players who was shooting goals at me? Messier. Yup.

We also did yarn stores, including Lettuce Knit, the next day, and the Bata Shoe Museum, which I'll post about on my regular blog.

All in all, a great trip. And next year ???? Let's Go Buffalo!

Answer: T'Ho's real name is Miles Gilbert Horton. Who knew? The "Tim" was in quotes.


twig said...

We shall never talk about last night's game ever again. *laugh*

We're going to have to make a run up to Toronto before they make us have passports.

Thanks for the Rangers portion of the Cup. It's nice to see that sometime back in the old days -- so long ago I can barely remember -- we weren't fish food in the rink. *laugh*

I've saved the photo for when I need a pick me up.

barbp said...

Twig you have 'till Jan 2008 if you go by land before you will be required to have a passport. So you have some time.

Great pic's Jonesy - thanks for sharing. Brings back memories of my visits when we lived there.

My friends told me they spotted you and decided it was safer to stay away!!! *laugh*

Anonymous said...

I love Stained Glass, and the dome is beautiful!

Drea said...

I'm glad you guys hit Lettuce Knit - I didn't get to recommend it before you left :)

The Hall of Fame is gorgeous and a lot of fun... you're a braver woman than me though, strapping on the pads *lol* I didn't even want to be shot at virtually! ;)