Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No knitting news here just hockey

The Maple Leafs game last night was like watching one of your favorite teams getting their arses kicked. Oh yeah, they did get their arses kicked.

The Avalanche game was of course more to my liking. The game was up and down put they pulled off the win over the Oilers. Whew.

The husband has been asked to do some fill in play by play for Notre Dame Fighting Irish Ice Hockey for a couple weekends after Christmas. They're a NCAA D1 team and they're currently ranked third in the nation. He's pretty excited about the opportunity and I can't say as I blame him. It means he'll be away over the New Years weekend and the weekend after. This could be filed under "why my life is full of surprises".

I'm not sure if my work schedule will allow me to go along with him yet as I have a road trip arranged with some of my favorite hockey travel girlfriends to Scranton PA and Newark DE a couple weekends later and am dreaming about a trip to Arizona in Feb to visit my family.

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twig said...

Ask me if I feel sorry for the Leafs? *laugh*