Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A present

Hi everyone,

I know I haven't posted here much, but it seems like I haven't had much time to watch hockey or do much in the way of charity knitting. I hope to remedy the later after the holidays, but the former got fixed tonight while I watched the Sabres beat my Dad's Devils!! What a game!! It was so tight during most of the first two periods, but once the Sabres blew it open, it was all over. Jonsey and I will sleep with smiles tonight. :)

So as I just mentioned, my Dad is a Devils fan and I got him a special present for Christmas this year:

That's right! I managed to get Devils vs. the Rangers tickets (that thud you just heard was probably Twig hitting the floor ;) )! While neither of them are *my* team, I really can't wait to go to this game. The best part? We're also taking an 70+ year old friend of ours to the game. She's a total Rangers fan and has never been to a professional hockey game. I think I'll sit between them to keep the fighting to a minimum. ;) Happy Holidays to all and may your team always score the last goal.... unless they're playing my Sabres, of course! ;)


twig said...

That sounds dangerous sitting between those two. I really like you, so I will volunteer to do it in your place.

I've never been to NYC. I've only ever seen them live a couple times when we've managed to make it over to Boston.

Life is so not fair.

Dipsy D. said...

Woah!!! What a present! I guess I'd sell my soul - okay, almost ;) - for such tickets! Actually, for us lil' European hockey fans, just the thought of getting to see an NHL-game "live" sends us to heaven and back! I'm sure your Dad will absolutely *adore* this present and of course the game! But... I have to agree with Twig here: Life is so not fair. *Sob* *Envy*

barbp said...

Remember to keep your head up as it sounds like sitting between the two could mean you're "crossing the blue line" all night.

Sounds like toooo much fun, what jersey are you wearing to the game? LOL