Thursday, December 07, 2006

Life just ain't fair

Nothing fancy, but it should help keep a head warm. It's waiting outside for the mailman to pick it up.

Tonight we take on the Penguins. Hopefully, we'll kill 'em.
My Rangers lost to that evil team yet again. The payoff? A hat for Jonesy's charity.


barbp said...

You're right that team of hers is evil. They must be stopped. Neither of my teams can do that though, I'm just sayin' someone has to stop them.

You should be able to walk all over those Pens.

KnittingJones said...

Evil? Les Sabres? Nah ... just the Top Team in the Eastern Conference .....

(rubbing it in) :)

PS And thanks to Twig for her gracious knitting -- the hat looks great - comfy and warm.

Zarzuela said...

Just think Twig, good things are coming from your losses. ;) Great hat!