Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dum-Dee-Dum-Dum ...

It's over. The Sabres-Rangers series, that is. Jessica and I know which team won...ahem...SWEPT the series 4-0.

Upstate NY rules!

PS I must confess, these shoot-out wins are extremely nerve-wracking. Is it just my team or something about the new rules that causes more OTs and shoot-outs?

And, do we like the new rules? I'm all for a faster game (not as many off-sides calls and endless face-offs), but to have two great teams, with great players, really duke it out and give it their all for 60 minutes and have it all be decided by a shoot-out ... well, it seems somehow anti-climatic. And maybe unfair? I mean, hockey is all about skill and speed, passing and team work. Shoot-outs are 1 on 1, all or nothing.

What do the rest of you think?


barbp said...

Congrats on the sweep. We saw the highlights about 1:00am after our Penn State Friday night game over a "late" dinner with many teammates and parents and none of us could believe the shoot out - again. I immediately thought of ya'll.

Toronto JUST lost to the Habs in a shoot out. Good things and bad things about the new rules. You're absolutely right about this being a team sport. It seems like we are seeing an awful lot of "skills contests" to decide the games.

Whoa I just saw the interview of Sheldon Souray of Montreal. Handsome? Uh, yeah.

twig said...

I love the shoot outs. Absolutely love them. It's either that or leave the game as a tie. Having 5 minute OT period over and over again is unrealistic.

Comparing it to the old rules that it's a tie if no winner after OT, then the number of points a team gets if they lose in a shoot out is the same as if the OT period ended with no winner.

As for "skills contests" -- isn't that what a sport is all about? What about penalty shots?

Zarzuela said...

Woo hoo! Sabres RULE! :)

I'm not a fan of the shoot-outs. I think it's anticlimatic myself. I'd much rather let them play until someone wins. I think ties are pointless too in other words.


Kristen said...

I'm with Twig. I love the shootouts. My FIL hates them and will get up and walk away from the game, seriously NOT CARING who wins at that point. Personally, I think the shootout brings back the qualities of Canadian driveway hockey, where all these players started out. It showcases the goalies in a way that seems to have been ignored for the past 60 yrs, and I just love the showdown-type suspense.

That said, Souray's SO goal last night was (I swear I said it before Don Cherry did) poetry in motion. He made it look so. easy.

I did hear one opinion on the new OT rules, though: sometimes it does seem like the players aren't doing their best during the OT, like they're just biding their time until the shootout. (I said "sometimes). Anyway, this guy in an IRC channel said that if people really want the teams to keep playing hard in OT, the points should change. If you win in OT, you get 2 points, and the losing team gets 1 point. If you win in shootout, you just get 1 point and the losing team gets 0. That way, both teams are motivated to end it in OT.