Sunday, December 10, 2006

Some College Hockey News

My Penn State Icers split their two game series this weekend against Windsor/St Clair Saints. The Saints are in the OHA Senior AAA Major League while the Icers are an ACHA D1 team. Friday night we lost 4-0. But if my memory serves we rang the cross bar/post 4 times. I'm starting to hate that sound. Saints are a big team and they are TOUGH. Their league is very different from the ACHA and they even have someone on their roster who is 32 years old! Grad Student???

Do they ever like to mix it up and for those of you who follow college hockey you know you don't just get 5 for fighting, you get tossed. The Icers are tough as well and generally dominate the ACHA teams but compared to the Saints I think Penn State has more finesse. A player on each team got tossed on Friday and things were a bit chippy.

On Saturday the Icers won 5-3. It was a battle of skill and it was a tough fight. I'm pretty sure this puts the record between the teams over the last two years at 5-5-1. From the record I would say this is definitely two well matched teams.

OK for the big news that has me totally JAZZED. Penn State has accepted an invitation to play Denver University Pioneers. This is the team that has won the Frozen Four the last two out of three years. gulp ..ahem GULP. True they have a D2 and a D1 team. We're playing the D1 team in October '07. I'm from Colorado living in PA. MFB does not go on this trip and think I'm not going. No sir. Saving pennies. ACHA team playing Frozen Four National Champs - if my team wins it will be one of the biggest upsets ever. Simms Landing here I come.

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