Friday, December 29, 2006

Get the Brooms!

We swept the regular season series with the 'Canes. Just goes to show you how a little 'B can withstand hurricane force winds. Take that, Brind'Amour, you chimpanzee-minkee! Sorry Angelrae and Celia, but after the play-offs last season, this mini-victory is as sweet as the Christmas cookie dough still in my refrigerator waiting to be baked.

And the game before? The Capitals? Did we show Ovenchik or what? The bruiser.

Well, my charity knitting has stalled, as I recover from my pre-Christmas over-knitting -- yes, I wrapped one sock for my son-in-law. *sigh* But starting the first of the year, I'm back to chemo caps for the local cancer center.

Anyone have new suggestions for charities?

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