Thursday, December 14, 2006


Finally MFB's Leafs broke their losing streak Tuesday night against Tampa Bay and right after that my Avalanche won one against the Hurricanes. They really poured it on in the third and so I HAD to watch to the end. The game ended after midnight, why do I do that to myself? Oh yeah, I'm a hockey fan.

Last night the Av's downed St Louis, as well they should. So finally they've won the first two games of a 3 game home stand. The standings in the Northwest are really tight and when last I looked my Av's were at the bottom. But we all know they're a better team than that, right? And we all want them to do better, right? Anyone want to help me cheer them on if they aren't playing against your team? Pretty please? LOL

I finally finished two hats for our local charity that our knitting group was knitting for. We had a pot luck tonight where we left them with our organizer and she will deliver them this week. We were having so much fun tonight I forgot to take pictures of everything being donated and of our party.

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Dipsy D. said...

Yay for the Avs - I told you their winning streak is yet to come!
Looove the hats you made, especially the right one looks so yummy - would wear that all the time, I guess ;)