Saturday, October 14, 2006


I hope I won't go on anyone's nerves here, but I just *have* to share the news: HCI won @ Vienna Capitals last night, and we're now #1 in the standings!!! Woah! Who would have thought? No one would have given a dime on them before the season started, and now they're #1! *Doing the happy dance*

The game was horrible though - what I've seen in these 8 games now is that we have a great and strong offense, though they need way too many chances to actually score, our defense - well, they got as many holes in their lineup as a Swiss cheese, and our goalies, especially the #1 goalie, are rotten bad. But they're all fighters, don't give up for a second, play way more disciplined than at the beginning - and obviously it worked! But there's still a lot of work left...

I followed the NHL-results from the past days - yay for the Sabres and the Canes for winning - and thumbs up to the others, there's many more games to win! ;)

Have a great weekend, ladies!


KnittingJones said...

You, me and the Sabres, Dipsy! There was a little victory dance here in the Finger Lakes last night too! Kings of the Shoot-Out, that's for sure.

ps Nervous, Twig? :)

barbp said...

Dipsy that is great news that they are number 1, sounds like they need to get a bit more disciplined.

Jonsey (may I call you that?) sounds like "the gloves are comming off" between you and Twig??? LOL

KnittingJones said...

Jonesy is fine, Barb! Hmmm, maybe Twig and I both will end up in the penalty box! Can we bring our knitting?

twig said...

I hope you're about to sit down, Dips, and write a letter of apology to HCI for all the mean things you said before the start of the season. *laugh*


twig said...

*sticks fingers in ears and ignores Jonesy* LALALALALALALALALALALALALA