Sunday, October 08, 2006

Found a charity + Tonight's THE game!

I'm happy to announce that I can post here again - I thought I'd never be able to again ;( My dear CM totally crashed our PC yesterday - you perhaps know this thing : "Hey, I'll just have to fix a little thing, 5 mins offline and everything will work out!" Yeah, 5 mins... We lost basically all the data that we hadn't saved - fortunately hardly any of mine as I know my man and had saved almost everything. He lost most, the mail server's still not working and well... But I'm back online, so that's what counts ;)

And: I found a charity over here! The ladies at the chemo department of Innsbruck's hospital sent a very lovely reply to my mail asking them if they're in need of some nice caps - and they are, hallelujah! I have never knit caps before as I don't wear any, so this is going to be a learning experience!

Tonight's the ultimate game in Innsbruck's stadium: Red Bulls Salzburg are coming over - they're #1 in the standings, 2 pts before us and they're the absolute favorites for this year's Cup - they're the most "expensive" team having Red Bull Energy Drink as a sponsor and thus they bought basically everyone that's good over the summer break. But we're close behind them, and if we beat 'em, we're the #1, hah!!!

I'm sick as a dog today and thus not sure if I can drag myself into the stadium - if I do, I'll be either dead or completely healthy again tomorrow - and if I don't go, then I'll watch the game on TV, casting on for my first chemo cap!

I wanted to tell you ladies that I'm still totally excited with our little place on the Internet that Twig did for us here, it's sooo good reading your hockey rants and seeing your great knitting all at once, my heart jumps out with every entry I'm reading! Yay and scoooore!


twig said...

*laugh* This is why Joseph and I each have our own computer. And a spare just in case.

Not An Artist said...

Yep, its definitely best to have your own computers. Great to see that you found a charity, and it is a good one too. I know the recipients will appreciate beautiful handknitted caps.