Sunday, October 08, 2006

Grey hairs caused by hockey. News at 11

Tonight's game took another 10 years off my life. A 13 round shoot out! THIRTEEN! The Rangers won. WHEW!

BTW, we have a prize donation! So get knitting and post those pictures. You have to have at least one FO for charity to be entered in the drawing. The drawing will be the first Wednesday of November -- which happens to be November 1, too.

If you want to offer a prize donation, email me at Just a skein a yarn, or a couple stitch markers, would be great. (And maybe a little Miss Clairol so I can get rid of these grey hairs that multiply like bunnies during long shootouts!)


barbp said...

13 rounds!!?? Holy cow. What shade Miss Clairol are you looking for? I'll donate that.

KnittingJones said...

I think both of our spouses will need CPR lessons! Oh -- how about a wager of local goodies -- like homemade jam or such -- AND a giant buffalo to put on your lawn? hee hee